1. How do I name my files for the competition and what information do you need?
Image file names must be renamed in the correct format prior to uploading/submitting online. Please rename in the following format with: category code- your name (Initial of First name and Full last name)-image number eg PO-JSmith-01 PO-JSmith-02 PO-JSmith-03 SEA-JSmith-01 etc. Files should be saved as JPEG (.jpg)

2. What are the category codes for each category?
Category Codes:
Cat 1 – Animal Portraits – the EMORY KRISTOF Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: PO
Cat2 – Fish Behaviour – the Dr GERRY ALLEN Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (FB)
Cat 3 – Animal Behaviour – the DOUG PERRINE Award for Outstanding Achievement Picture – Code: (AB)
Cat 4- Black & White Print – the ERNIE BROOKS II Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (BW)
Cat 5 – Colour Prints – the VALERIE TAYLOR Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (CP)
Cat 6 – Coral Reefs – the Dr CARDEN WALLACE Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (CRW)
Cat 7 – Creative Vision – the Dr PASCAL LECOCQ Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (CV)
Cat 8 – Small Exotic Animals – the NEVILLE COLEMAN Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (SXA)
Cat 9 – Human & Ocean – the STEPHEN FRINK Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (HO)
Cat 10 – Open Water (Pelagic Zone) – the BRIAN SKERRY Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (OWD)
Cat 11 – Black & Blue Water Exploration – the Dr WILLIAM HAMNER Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (BLW)
Cat 12- Emerging Photographer of the Year – the Dr ALEX MUSTARD Award for Excellence – Code: (OGN)
Cat 13 – Music & Pictures – the MICHAEL AW Award for Outstanding Achievement – Code: (MAP) (See sample video here)
Cat 14 – OG Master Portfolio – the DAVID DOUBILET Award for Excellence – Code: (PA)
Cat 15 – Emerging Ocean Geographic Photo-Journalist – Merit of Excellence – Code: (OGP)
Cat 16- Conservation Picture of the Year– the Dr SYLVIA EARLE ONEOCEAN Award for – Code: (ONE)
Cat 17 – Vision of the Sea Movie – the HOWARD HALL Award for Outstanding Achievement. – Code (MO)

3. When I go submit it asks for Image Caption? What do I put there?
You must put the same as your file name as per FAQ 1 ( see above) followed by any caption information you wish to include. You may include a short or long caption. If FB and AB categories please include details of the behaviour in your caption

eg.PO-JSmith-01- A giant squid eating a fish. Komodo Indonesia SXA-JSmith-01 Pygmy Seahorse Hippocampus bargibanti found at 20m Julien’s Reef Raja Ampat Indonesia. This seahorse only 1cm in height.

4. I don’t know how to rename my files. What do I do?
For windows users. Save a copy of the images you wish to submit in a new folder. Find the file you wish to submit in your folder in Windows explorer. Right click on the file and select rename. Rename file in the format FB-JSmith-01 etc as per FAQ1 ( see above) Repeat for all the files you wish to submit . For MAC users: a)Select the file in the Finder, then click and hold on the file name until it becomes editable. Type the new name, then click anywhere else in the Finder. or b) Right-click or Control-click on the file in the Finder and choose Get Info from the contextual menu. Click Rename and type the new name, then click away from the file.

5. I tried above and I still don’t know how to rename my files. What do I do?
Ask someone you know to assist. Most people familiar with computers will be able to help you. Email picoty@ogsociety.org if you really get stuck.

6. If I don’t rename my files what will happen?
Your files may not appear in the correct spot for judging

7. Why do I put my name in? Shouldn’t the judging be anonymous?
Your files will be judged anonymously. The file name is used for our internal sorting and to be able to quickly find images.

8. What size should my image files be and what file type should I use?
All images must be submitted as JPEGs, (.jpg) saved at a high quality level (eg 12 in Photoshop, Adobe (1998) colour space) and must be 1920 pixels on the longest dimension.

9. Can you walk me through how to submit my images step by step?
Register to compete and you will receive an automated email with all the links you need to submit images
Select your images you wish to enter, rename them and save them in a folder where you can find them
Log in at www.ogpicoty.com and you will see a submissions menu item in the top right of your screen near account and log out.
Image Caption: use the same format as your file name followed by any other caption information you wish to include eg “AB-JSmith-01 – Yellow Dreams. A giant frogfish taken at night. Alor Indonesia.” ( See FAQ 1 & FAQ3 above)
Select your Image category: Click on Animal Behaviour-AB and a drop down menu will appear for you to select from.
Choose File: Find your file on your computer/device and click on it and its name will appear in the upload image screen
Double check Image Caption and Image category are correct
Click on Upload image ( if nothing happens check you have something in the image caption field)
A green bar will show on top showing upload progress. Once uploaded the bar will show 100%. After 3-5 seconds the page should reset ready for a new submission and your uploaded thumbnail and Image Caption will appear in your submitted images below
If the page does not reset and is showing 100%, click in the web address bar and press enter to reset the page to www.ogpicotytest.dev.cc/file-upload/
If you wish to change any images simply select the image and delete.

10. How do I know if my images have been submitted?
On the submit page your images already submitted will show down below. Or once logged in, from the home page go LOG OUT and there is a drop down menu under that. Go to Submissions and it will take you back to the submission page and your submitted images will show down below.

11. What size should I send prints for the Colour Print or BW print Categories?
The best size is A3+ or A3 is also OK.
Epson Super A3 + papers are: 13″x19″ or 329x483mm
Regular A3: 11.7″x16.5″ or 297x420mm

12. Where should I send my prints:
By Post:
Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Comp
PO Box 2138
Carlingford NSW 2118

By Courier:
Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Comp
2a Cary St
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
ph +61 2 9686 3688

13. Postage of prints is expensive. Can you print them for me?
For an additional fee we will get them professionally printed for you at a local print shop and include them in the judging. Email picoty@ogsociety.org for details

14. There is no Young Photographers category this year. What can I do?
Entrants Under 18 may enter the Emerging Photographer Category free of charge. Email picoty@ogsociety.org to request a code to enter. Some proof of age or school ID required.

15. How do I change my email, username, password or name?
Once logged in, from the home page go LOG OUT and there is a drop down menu under that. Go to My Account. Go to Personal Details and select edit.

16. I’ve forgotten my username or password. What do I do?
Go to www.ogpicoty.com and select Log In. Under the the log in screen select Lost your password. A reset password link will be sent to the email you used to set up your registration. ( Check junk mail/spam folder if not received) Your username will show on the email and you can reset your password ( you may use the same password you used before if you wish)

17. I registered to compete and completed payment but have not seen any automated email to confirm it.
Check your junk mail/Spam folder. Check your email address you set up was correct ( See FAQ 14 above). Contact us as we may need to resend you the email once you have corrected the email address. Email picoty@ogsociety.org

18. My country does not allow me to use Paypal. How can I make payment and enter?
We can arrange to process payment offline by credit card. Email alison@ogsociety.org to assist.