Pictures of the year 2016/17

Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year 2016/17

Pictures are the powerful medium for conservation. Images reveal untold stories, stir emotion and change hearts. Ocean Geographic prioritizes the use of outstanding imagery to convey knowledge, thoughts and evoke compassion and desire within us to conserve and celebrate the beauty of our planet.

To encourage greater use of imagery for conservation and to celebrate the beauty of our planet, entries are now open for the second annual Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year competition. Participants will compete in thirteen categories to share their experiences and special moments with the seas.

Your pictures are imperative to promote better conservation of our natural world. As your work will influence change, we view the importance of awarding special recognition with prestigious Awards for Outstanding Achievement,Merit of Excellence and Special commendations. Most of these awards are named in honour of some of THE MOST CELEBRATED IMAGE-MAKERS and SCIENTISTS OF OUR OCEAN.

There will also be medals and prizes for the category winners.

Entries will be open for Submission on 1 Sept 2016. To keep up-to-date with OG Pictures of the Year, subscribe to email updates in the right hand column.

The last day of submission is 15th Jan 2017.


Categories & Prizes

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